Party and Banquet Rooms Available! 

Groups of 15-150 people



BLOOMING ONION Colossal onion cut in a flower shape, breaded and fried to a golden brown. 8.75


JALAPENO POPPERS Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and fried to a golden brown. 8.50



POTATO SKINS Topped with melted cheese and crispy bacon crumbles. 8.50

CHISLIC Our secret recipe of fine sirloin and tenderloin pieces marinated and deep fried. 11.95

SOUP OF THE DAY Cup 3.95 | Bowl 4.95


Lunch Favorites

Served with your choice of potato, Texas toast and soup or salad.

Flame Sirloin Steak Flame broiled sirloin at its finest. 12.95

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK Seasoned tenderized steak, breaded and fried golden brown served with brown gravy. 10.95

GRILLED LIVER & ONIONS Grilled baby calves liver served with grilled onions and bacon 10.95

CHOP SIRLOIN STEAK Ground sirloin cooked to your liking. 10.95

BATTERED FISH FILLETS Fried fish portions served with tartar sauce. 10.95

MRS. FRIDAY’S FANTAIL SHRIMP Generous portion of golden brown fried shrimp 10.95



Served with your choice of fries, soup or salad. Add 2.00 for a half pound burger..

FLAME BURGER Our traditional charbroiled burger with lettuce and pickles on a toasted bun. 9.25

CAJUN BURGER Cajun seasoned 1/3 lb. burger with crisp bacon and sliced jalapeno cheese for that little extra kick. 10.95

ROYAL BURGER  1/3 lb. burger topped with Cheddar cheese and crisp bacon slices. 10.95

PATTY MELT 1/3 lb. Flame Burger topped with grilled onion, Swiss and American cheese, and bacon slices between two slices of grilled wheat bread. 10.95

BLEU CHEESE BACON BURGER Our traditional 1/3 lb. burger topped with melted bleu cheese and warm bacon crumbles. 10.95


Classic Sandwiches

Served with your choice of fries, soup or salad.

PHILLY CHEESESTEAK Slow roasted roast beef, grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese. 11.50

FRENCH DIP Thin sliced roast beef on grilled Kaiser roll served with warm au jus. 10.95

CRAB BROIL Crab salad mixture served open faced on a toasted English muffin, topped with melted cheddar and warm tomato slices. 10.95

REUBEN Grilled turkey, corned beef, saurkraut, Swiss cheese with special sauce on Dark Rye. 10.95

CLUB HOUSE CROISSANT Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and American cheese on a toasted croissant. 10.95

CHICKEN CROISSANT Broiled chicken breast, lettuce tomato, and pickle on grilled croissant. 10.95



Served with your choice of fries, soup or salad.

PHILLY WRAP Thin sliced roast beef topped with grilled onion, peppers, mushrooms, Swiss cheese and special sauce. 10.95

TERIYAKI CHICKEN WRAP Grilled chicken breast, Romaine lettuce, tomato, onion slices, and gourmet Ranch sauce. 10.95

REUBEN WRAP Corned beef, turkey, Sauer kraut, Swiss cheese, and special sauce. 10.95

BUFFALO CHICKEN WRAP Crispy chicken bites tossed in buffalo sauce with romaine lettuce, tomato, green peppers and special sauce. 10.95



Served with a bread stick and soup or fruit.

SPINACH & BACON SALAD Spinach leaves, olives, diced egg, tomato, bacon crumbles, and Parmesan cheese. Served with hot bacon dressing. 9.95  Add chicken for 2.00

COBB SALAD Chopped lettuce, turkey, bacon, tomato, avocado, and Cheddar cheese. 10.95

 CHEF SALAD Fresh salad mix, ham, turkey, Swiss and American cheeses, egg, tomato, and vegetable garnish. 10.95

CAESAR SALAD Romaine lettuce, olives, croutons, tomato, egg, bacon crumbles, and Parmesan cheese. 9.95 Add chicken for 2.00


Kids Menu









Served with a bread stick and your choice of soup or salad.

STEAK TIP PASTA Broiled steak tips, atop a bed of creamy Fettuccini noodles and broccoli. 15.95

CHICKEN ALFREDO A bed of our fresh Fettuccini noodles covered in a creamy Alfredo sauce with grilled chicken and broccoli. 13.95

SPAGHETTI Our homemade meat sauce will delight your taste buds atop a bed of fresh spaghetti noodles. 11.25

SPICY SHRIMP PENNE We give our shrimp a hint of heat seasoning and add it to our creamy Alfredo sauce with sun dried tomato and peppers. 14.95



Served with your choice of potato, bread, and soup or salad.

BABY BACK RIBS Slow roasted fall off the bone pork ribs. Served with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. 18.75

RIBS & STEAK Enjoy a half order of our BBQ ribs paired with a sirloin steak cooked to your liking. 18.95

RIBS & PORK CHOP Enjoy a half order of our BBQ ribs paired with a grilled pork chop. 16.95

RIBS & CHICKEN Enjoy a half order of our BBQ ribs paired with a charbroiled chicken breast. 16.95

CHARBROILED CHICKEN BREAST Lightly seasoned breast of chicken charbroiled to perfection. 11.95

CHICKEN TENDERS Golden brown fried chicken tenders. 11.95

CHICKEN KIEV Breast of chicken stuffed with butter and chives cooked golden brown. 14.95

PORK CHOP Boneless center cut pork tenderloin with melt in your mouth goodness. 12.95

FAJITAS (No Accompaniments) Charbroiled steak, chicken or shrimp with grilled peppers and onions. Served with Spanish rice, lettuce, tomato and cheese with a side of fresh tortillas.

Steak 14.95 | Chicken 12.95 Shrimp 14.95

BROASTED CHICKEN Our special seasonings go into this house favorite. We broaster fry the chicken for that moist and tender crispy chicken 12.95



Served with warm bread and butter, choice of soup or salad, onion rings and one side choice. Add sauteed onions or mushrooms to your steak for 1.75 each.

RIBEYE Certified Angus Beef ribeye charbroiled to your desired temperature. 23.95

FILET MIGNON Perfectly aged Choice Angus Beef with melt in your mouth goodness. 23.00

QUEEN SIRLOIN Aged center cut sirloin. 16.00

BACON WRAPPED CHOP STEAK We use only fine Angus ground Chuck for this masterpiece. 12.95

CATTLEMAN’S CUT KING SIRLOIN King sized cut sirloin steak grilled to your desired temperature. 23.00

SLOW ROASTED PRIME RIB Available Fridays & Saturdays. We slow roast our Prime Rib to bring out the most tender mouth watering enjoyment possible. Enjoy!  12 oz. 25.00 | 16 oz. 29.00




Served with warm bread and butter, choice of soup or salad, onion rings and one side choice.

BROILED ATLANTIC COD Fine white flaky texture often referred to as poorman’s lobster. 13.95

KING CRAB LEGS We score these wonderfully tasty Crab legs for your added enjoyment. Served with drawn butter. 27.95

JUMBO SHRIMP Large round shrimp fried golden brown and served with cocktail sauce and lemon. 16.95

LOBSTER 10-12 oz. of pleasurable Lobster meat served with warm melted butter. 32.95

CRAB STUFFED SHRIMP Eight delicious broiled shrimp topped with crab meat and garlic butter. 18.95

SHRIMP TRIO We combine coconut shrimp, tempura breaded shrimp and our jumbo shrimp to bring you this delicacy, enjoy!! 17.95

SHRIMP SCAMPI Broiled jumbo shrimp in garlic butter and Parmesan cheese. 16.95

WALLEYE  A true favorite in these parts. A nice flaky broiled to perfection fillet of Canadian Walleye. 19.95

RASPBERRY SALMON Wild caught Salmon served with a Raspberry Vinaigrette sauce. 17.95

Surf & Turf

Served with warm bread and butter, choice of soup or salad, onion rings and one side choice. Add sauteed onions or mushrooms to your steak for 1.75 each.

STEAK & LOBSTER Our Petite sirloin and a 5-6 oz. lobster tail. Served with drawn butter. 29.75

STEAK & CRAB LEGS Our Petite sirloin paired with crab legs. 26.95

STEAK & SHRIMP Our petite sirloin with jumbo shrimp. 17.95

STEAK & STUFFED SHRIMP Our petite sirloin and four crab stuffed shrimp broiled to a golden brown. 19.50

STEAK & COD OR SALMON Our petite sirloin with your choice of broiled cod or salmon. 17.95

Ice Cream Drinks

PEACH BLOSSOM Peach Schnapps and Amaretto

GRASSHOPPER Dark Creme de Menthe and White Creme de Cacao

ROOT BEER FLOAT Root Beer Schnapps

GOLDEN CADILLAC Galliano and White Creme de Cacao.

DREAMSCICLE Amaretto and Orange Juice

PINK SQUIRREL Creme de Almond and White Creme de Cacao.


Baked Potato • Hash Browns • Au Gratin • Mashed Potatoes

French Fries • Steak Fries Sweet Potato Fries • Steamed Broccoli • Cottage Cheese



FOUNTAIN DRINK Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mello Yello, Sprite, Root Beer, Raspberry Iced Tea, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade

COFFEE  Regular or Decaf


JUICE  Cranberry, Tomato or Pineapple


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